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Welcome to Hand Painted Bathroom Sinks!

Hand painted sinks are a durable and unique way to personalize your home decor.  Choose from a wide variety of custom hand painted sinks.  There are sinks with many different kinds of flowers including: Roses, Lilacs, Morning Glory, Pansies, Geraniums, Fuchsia, Hydrangea, Azaleas, Peonies and Irises.

All sinks are hand painted with china paint. China painting is an art form that has been used for many years. This medium is durable and gives long lasting beauty to porcelain or ceramic sinks and tiles. Each piece is uniquely designed.

Hand painted bathroom sink with pansies.

The Process:

Painting on vitreous china sinks involves a specialty paint called overglaze. As the name suggests, overglaze provides decorative detail to a vitreous china sink already glazed and fired. The overglaze paint fuses into the original glaze on the fired sink to create a durable, vibrant piece of art.

*All sinks are white vitreous china. The photo process sometimes discolors the whiteness of the sinks in the photos. But while photo to photo may vary, the actual sinks are indeed standard white.